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Here’s a list of questions we are asked frequently about windshield replacement!

1. Are your technicians certified?

NGA Certified with over 30 years experience.

2. I have a chip; does my entire windshield need to be replaced?

No we have the capabilities to repair chips in your windshield if it is not in your line of vision to repair a chip we insert a resin that bonds the chip or crack to keep the damage from spreading.

3. My windshield has a crack on the bottom right. It does not obscure my view.  Do I need to worry about replacing it?

If the crack is less than the size of a dollar bill it may be repairable similar to a chip repair.

4. Does my insurance require me to pay my deductible to replace the windshield? It’s $500!

If you have obtained “Comprehensive” insurance on your vehicle and the policy was written in the State of Florida State law requires the insurance companies to wave the deductible on windshield repairs and replacements on the windshield only this does not apply to other glass damage such as your door glass or back glass.

5. Do you offer a warranty on your products or services?

We offer a warranty against any labor or installation issues for the entire time that you own your vehicle.  Parts are warranted by the manufacturer for 90 days.

6. What happens if your installer hurts himself on my property?  Do I need to report it to my homeowners insurance?

No!  We carry Workers Compensation on all of our employees.

7. Do I need to bring and leave my car with you to replace the windshield?

No, we are a complete mobile service so we come to you for all your auto glass needs.

8. How long will it take your installers to replace my windshield?

Depending on the vehicle and what is involved in the job preparations we are generally done in an hour.

9. How soon can I drive my truck after you replace the windshield?

Depending on the adhesive used and the weather conditions the installer will notify you how long the vehicle will have to sit before driving. Usually there is a down time of 2-3 hours but that will be determined by the technician at time of service.

10. When can I wash my car after the new windshield has been installed?

Due to the adhesive we recommend 3 days before going through a car wash.  Hand washing the car without pressure wash is safe next day.

11. Is there a warranty for chip repair?

Yes the insurance company will replace the chip repair if you are unsatisfied.

12. Do I have to use who My Insurance Company tells me to?

No, the insured has the right to choose the auto glass company of their choice.

13. Will my insurance rates go up if I get my windshield replaced?

No, State Law requires insurance companies to waive the deductible on repair or replacement.  It is illegal to drive with a damaged Windshield

14. What is the difference between your company and the other companies that offer cash back or a free box of steaks?

We do not offer gimmicks or bribery for our services we offer fast dependable service by a trained auto glass technician. We also will be there ready to fix any problem that may occur within 24 hours.

15. Does the crack in my windshield mean it’s about to shatter?

Windshield are made of 2 sheets of safety glass bonded together with lamination in most cases the crack in the glass in on the outer sheet of glass, therefore leaving the inner sheet of safety glass intact.